We are a tech company focusing on optimising the wholesale trade.

Suppilog is a wholesale trading platform that is used by thousands of different kind of companies that are interested of making their processess better. Suppilog ecosystem consists of Suppilog Oy, Suppilog Finland Oy and Suppilog China Oy.

With the platform seller companies can automatize their sales orders and all the different processess related like logistics, invoicing, disputes, sales system for sales reps and connecting with the buyers.

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Our mission is to make wholesaling more efficient for the sellers and the buyers worldwide.


Our vision is that every product can make it’s value chain more efficient by utilizing Suppilog’s ecosystem of wholesale trade.



for trust

All the members of Suppilog’s ecosystem are treated with highest level of integrity. This includes buyers, sellers, personnel, partners and investors. This will build trust in the business we conduct.


Customer focus
for engagement

In everything we do, we aim at highest level of satisfaction with all the members in our ecosystem, which will secure long term prosperity of the company and make the competitors think twice.


for winning spirit

Together we are strong. Diversity, discussion, alignment, clear roles, good management practices create a winning spirit that will show in high employee engagement to the company.


Ambition for

We aim to achieve the very top in the disciplines that we choose to compete. If it is not for the very best and for fun, why bother doing it. Mediocre ambition or execution is not acceptable.

We are proud
of our impact

We take pride in showcasing the impact and reach of our platform. Our numbers speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • 5,000
    Thousands of happy sellers and buyers
  • 133,000
    Thousands of B2B orders have been done in Suppilog
  • 16,500
    There are thousands of wholesale products available in our platform

Our story

Suppilog’s story started in 2012 when Harri Eskelin and a few of his IT-minded friends were thinking aloud about the platforming economy, wholesale trade, supply chains, digitalization, inefficiencies in field-based sales, and high logistic costs. Suppilo’s first version was born very fast after those discussions, innovations, and speedy delivery. Later re-branded for better product-market-fit for global markets as Suppilog. The company and platform have now been a front runner in the digitalization of b2b sales, purchases, processes, and logistics for nearly a decade.


Suppilog’s first founder team consisted of innovative business minds, IT-savvy specialists, and early-stage venture capitalists, all eager to delve into the world of the platform economy, online trade, and ecosystems. After the first seed rounds, Suppilog garnered over 40 investors as one of the first start-ups promoted by the Finnish start-up crowdfunding platform Invesdor. Nowadays, Suppilog has over 82 owners from a wide variety of business fields. The biggest anchor owners are Harri Eskelin, Tukku Heino, and Suka.

Suppilog’s early stages involved a diverse group of investors who recognized the company’s potential in the platform economy and digitalization. The company’s ownership structure has evolved over time, with more than 82 owners from various business sectors. The prominent anchor owners include Harri Eskelin, Tukku Heino, and Suka.

Over the years, Suppilog has undergone significant transformation, evolving into a key player in the digitalization of B2B sales, purchases, processes, and logistics. Its growth and adaptation to global markets have been integral to its success, and the company continues to expand its presence in the industry.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Suppilog’s journey and want to explore the business potential it offers in broader markets as a Suppilog owner, we encourage you to reach out to our Chairman of the Board, Perttu Tevanen, at perttu.tevanen@suppilog.fi for more information and any questions you may have. Your involvement could be a valuable addition to the ongoing success of Suppilog.


Marko Jäppinen

Marketplace Manager

Pekka Tyllilä

Alcohol Channel Developer, Partner

Petri Ojalehto

Technical Specialist

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