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9 ways of how Suppilogs is helping companies in Covid-19 crisis

I would like to begin by writing that Suppilog sympathizes and strives to fully support all sellers and buyers in the wholesale trade during these exceptional times. To help with adaptation, I list 10 facts for wholesale sellers and buyers on how Suppilog-enabled business models contribute to corporate crisis management.

1)The digital way to enable wholesale trade does not spread viruses or promote other diseases, as personal contact for the whole trade is minimized when, for example, sales visits to buy wholesale products are not required. our logistics partners have taken the pandemic seriously, and thus contamination of order items is highly unlikely.

2) The professional network of logistics partners that Suppilog provides to its ecosystem customers rises to unpredictable value when it comes to the cleanest, most intermediate and hygienic logistics possible . How many restaurants or K-markets right now are receiving product products from a unreliable seller, who are lacking lisences and other qualifications?

3) Concolidated deliveries of products from different suppliers reduce extra traffic, which is more than recommended for society as a whole during an epidemic.

4) Suppilog runs and generates orders even if the entire staff of the seller company has been laid off. What happens to the sale of a company when a field sales-driven sales field can no longer visit customers and the entire team is in their cottages playing Texas Hold Em?

5) Suppilog allows you to change the sales channels super-fast if for example, your own main sales channel has stopped due to a virus. Take an example, a brewery whose sales are 80% consentrated to restaurants. If Suppilog hasn’t been introduced as a whole sales and marketing tool, then making this type of super-fast pivot can be too much of an effort for an organization – especially if your own organization has been laid off.

6) E-commerce is most likely one of the biggest winners in this trade epidemic in 2020. If your company’s wholesale business doesn’t take advantage of the Digital Wholesale Enabling Suppilog, have you certainly developed your wholesale business to the level required today?

7. Changing markets will create new retailers, and change the selections of traditional palyers – and those who get to fill them quickly get the most orders. When customers’ buying habits change in a crisis and epidemic, even agile satisfaction can even lead to sales records. What is the fastest way for a buyer in a suppliers selection to start ordering large quantities of products from suppliers who are to buyer after all:

(a) unknown because they have not previously been interested in the products of that company b) there are no easy ways to place wholesale orders from the supplier, but the buyer is directed to clumsy contact methods such as, which do not yet have time to respond.

Is hands sanitizer a normal mass selling item in groceries?

8. Using Suppilog is not a cost issue for a seller who sells and markets their products, but it can import most of a company’s orders from week to week and month to month, as long as there is demand for that company’s products from resellers and their customers.

9. As a result of crises, the world is changing at an accelerating pace, and companies in wholesale are involved. Do you believe that investing in digital wholesale would be an investment in the future, or do you see that the laws of the 90s will allow the next 100 years to move forward? Forces to push through exceptional times, we aim to help throughout the epidemic by also developing your company’s wholesale processes. Be in touch.

Regards, Team Suppilog

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