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Comprehensive trading and logistics

Logistics companies play a major role in the global market economy. Its operating methods and development are also a significant part of a more sustainable and ethical market. From the beginning, Suppilog has been developing the logistics company Colligx Oy, which has grown in a few years into one of Finland’s leading temperature-controlled logistics companies. Colligx has succeeded in creating a nationwide distribution network and a high-quality and comprehensive service chain, which are its most important competitive advantages. The benefits of our partnership are already visible directly to Suppilog’s customers. We met Minna Lindeqvist, the chief operating officer of Colligx, and Marko Jäppinen of Suppilog. We asked about their thoughts on possible cooperation and its effects on Suppilog’s customers.

Colligx and Suppilog – an invincible combination

The beginning of the cooperation has been fast. Lindeqvist states that there has been a lot of wondering and learning new things, but she goes on to say that activities at the people’s level have already progressed further than could have been imagined at the beginning. Suppilog and Colligx are strongly united by a comprehensive and customer-focused thinking model, which is reflected in everything we do.

“We have recognized that together we have absolutely amazing potential,” Lindeqvist states.

According to Lindeqvist, the versatility of the Suppilog marketplace and the opportunities brought by technology combined with Colligx’s internal logistics and transport services is an invincible combination. With the partnership, the customers’ processes are more straightforward and cost-effective. Sellers and buyers reach each other affordably and effortlessly on the Suppilog platform. Orders are processed around the clock, and Colligx organizes the logistics and consolidated deliveries of everything from goods to alcohol and cold products to their destinations across the country.

“Above all, I think that with Suppilog, we manage to deliver the service to the customer as a whole package end to end. A comprehensive and customer-focused thought model is what unites us strongly,” Lindeqvist summarizes.

We can genuinely and truly help producers

There is a huge problem in our country at the moment: rising costs. The problem can be seen in everyday life in the prices of producers, traders, and, eventually, consumers. We have developed our operating models in such a way that we are able to reduce the cost structure of trading and strengthen the value chain. Consolidated deliveries are a perfect example of this when products from different producers (small and large) can be ordered via Suppilog for one invoice and delivered as a consolidated delivery as one delivery to the destination.

“We can genuinely and truly help producers get the products from the fields, warehouses, and fish houses to the table,” Lindeqvist confirms.

Our service package has been taken to a whole new level thanks to the cooperation. We are able to offer a turnkey service that has not existed before on this scale. Not forgetting that the automation of processes frees up resources from us, our customers, and society for other developmental tasks instead of a person doing routine work. Often, Suppilog seller companies are particularly interested in optimizing the entire business, making distribution channel marketing more efficient and reducing costs. “In optimization, we can help in sales and invoicing as well as in logistics, storage, and transportation. We offer our customers particularly versatile know-how and expertise for operational development – including company management teams and boards,” Jäppinen from Suppilog adds.

From an environmental point of view, it is not enough to discuss only fuels

When discussing environmental and responsibility measures in logistics, fuel choices are mostly brought up, but did you know that there are more efficient measures? Namely, the number of driving days and how many times the transporter visits the supplier’s or customer’s yard has a much greater impact on the carbon footprint. According to Lindeqvist, there is far too little talk about this.

“If we really want to reduce our carbon footprint, then we go to the yard so that we actually have a real consolidated delivery that is delivered at once – and not as seven different deliveries on different days.”

Lindeqvistin says that Colligx certainly also pays attention to fuel choices but emphasizes that it is not enough. In a sustainable market, more and more service packages like Suppilog and Colligx must be built, where the realities are understood, and the package is passionately developed.

Technology and automation are the key to efficiency

“Platform technology is the core of Suppilog, which enables more efficient trading, process automation, consolidated deliveries, and a straightforward service chain to the market. All of this is a direct cut in cost. If such efficient operating models were the norm in our industry, Suppilog would not even have had to be founded”. Jäppinen smiles.

Suppilog’s organization is guided by holistic thinking, whereby we always strive to consider how our services benefit buyers, sellers, transport, cost structure, and the environment as comprehensively as possible. This is where the utilization of technology and first-class partners such as Colligx and Enexus are extremely valuable.

From Colligx, Lindeqvist points out that in terms of logistics, you can’t challenge the advantages of technology with pencil-and-paper-thinking either. “No human being can beat technology in planning trips and calculating the carbon footprint – the systems are so much smarter and more efficient than us.”

With the help of technology, we constantly develop not only our own operations but also help our customers optimize their trading behavior. So what does this mean? For example, we can optimize sales and purchase behavior so that you get the most out of it. We can combine products from several different sellers for the same order and delivery. In addition, we know how to guide your company in making cost-effective choices in other logistics and storage.

“Just lowering the price is not enough!”

Savings are constantly being sought in our industry and the business world, but at the same time, the quality of the service must be increased. With our cooperation, we challenge the general assumption in the business world that the best service costs more. However, by utilizing partnerships and technology, we are able to offer both a more affordable price and a better and more comprehensive service.

“Cost efficiency is the biggest benefit we can offer through cooperation.” – Lindeqvist

Suppilog x Colligx benefits top 3:

  1. Cost efficiency for the entire value and distribution chain
  2. Optimizing sales and purchase behavior
  3. Environmental benefits

The logistics of the future will need comprehensive services such as Suppilog and Colligx cooperation, which optimize the customer’s behavior at every stage of the process.

Become part of the market of the future! “There is no such company for which we could not, in one way or another, produce added value together.” – Lindeqvist.

Is your company interested in making trading processes more efficient? We are happy to tell you more about Suppilog and the services of our partners.

Send us a message if we aroused analytical thinking in you! marko.jappinen a tai minna.lindeqvist a

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