Blogs“Ease of use and simplicity to glory!” – Seller companies’ wishes for Suppilog 3.0

“Ease of use and simplicity to glory!” – Seller companies’ wishes for Suppilog 3.0

In the beginning of summer, we conducted a customer survey. The results will be analyzed in this series of blog articles, of which this is part 2/4. In this part we go through the feedback that we received from Suppilog’s seller companies, which we will use when developing Suppilog 3.0, the new version of our platform that will be launched in Fall.

We received 36 responses from active seller companies, and 11 responses from seller companies that have stopped or have not yet started using Suppilog.

For most active seller companies that responded, Suppilog is a sales channel to sell to a specific customer group, but there were also some companies that have built their whole business on top of the Suppilog service ecosystem. We find it interesting that so different companies have come to use Suppilog, and that it is used in many different ways.

Interestingly, inactive sales companies also had a positive attitude towards Suppilog. Over half of the companies that have quit using Suppilog would still recommend the service to other seller companies, and in most cases they stopped using Suppilog because they just didn’t reach the right customer base from there.

The main reasons for seller companies to use Suppilog is finding new customers, as well as getting to use a platform that provides all-round service for sales, logistics, reports etc. The biggest wish that sales companies have for the updated platform is improved marketing and communications tools. Another wish that many respondents brought up is simplicity – with the new Suppilog 3.0, we want to make Suppilog more convenient and usable as ever before!

Thanks to all the representants of seller companies who helped us by answering the survey!

Sunny wishes,

Team Suppilog

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