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Hedonist, the explorers of the craft beer world

We are Hedönist. And a story plot change; so are you. You are a Hedönist – hedonist without asking sorry. Cheers for that and for you!

Multiple times we have acrossed a question: “Where is your brewery located?” The answer is clear. We don’t have a brewery. We’re not a gipsy brewery either. We are a Helsinki based company making drinks products. We produce our beer at a different breweries. The breweries are selected by the fact of which of them can brew that certaing product style the best. Additionally it is important that the person chemistries work well together. We see no reason to further a co-op with bad person chemistries. Life is too short for something like that.

Ideas and recepies for the beers are coming from us and then they are modified to fit into that brewery’s production methods and equipment.

So we are not beer brewerers. Like we have mentioned previously. We are consumers that want to get good, high quality and mistakeless products and make them available also to all other consumers. So are our beers then the best ones in the market today? Yes and no. This is dictated by the consumer, because the tastebuds are different. In theory what ever beer can be the world’s best. You have a good feeling, nice company and you’re drinking beer straight from a bottle. At that moment it might very well be the world’s best beer.

So who are behind of all this? The main group consists of three amigos:

Sam Toropainen – Chief Hedönist / CEO man who has been boiled in so many liquids involved because of so deep affection for the game a photographer a hedonist without asking for permission

Toni Lähde – Brand mäster super graphic designer a brand strategist an artist with a big A

Joonas Ylänne – Beer pusher & Lemönade dealer a veteran beer salesman a beer sommelier has been raised into beer from a very little age – (“the others went to Disneyland, and we went into a Belgian beer monasteries…”)

In addition we have a group of professionals from a variety of businessess helping in our project.

The products: Primary beers – The core series of Hedönist, where so called basic beers (IPA, lager, Sour) are soon coming to the selections. Renegade beers – the most iconic movie characters of Hedönist; Don Wheato, Sour Ranger, Turhapuuro, Easy Ryeder, Harry Porter, you name it!

Along with the beers we’re producing also Lemönade craft-sodas. Hedönist Lemönade is a freash sour lemonade, that is strongly based on the original american lemonade, but with a new twist. Alond with the lemonade there are also three amazing flavor mixes: Lemon+Orange / Lemon+Ginger / Lemon+Berries.

Crafter from natural ingredients, meaning from a real juices and they contain 35% less sugar than normal lemonades. No additives. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors.


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