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Ice age mineral water from 10,000 years ago – Vellamo®

Vellamo mineral water has delighted sports and entertainment superstars as well as customers of prestigious hotels around the world. What has made Vellamo so desirable? We asked that, among other things, from Markus Heinonen, the CMO of Vellamo.

A lot has happened since the launch of the 2017 F1 GP at the Amber Lounge. Vellamo waters have taken the world by storm, becoming very popular, especially in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. The launch can be considered very successful because, with it, Vellamo Water got a boost in the market that is reached only by a few.

Uniquely rich mineral water purely from nature

Finland’s clean nature and its clean water are especially inspiring abroad. In Finland, we don’t always understand the value of clean water directly obtained from nature. On the other hand, clean water is highly valued around the world, and according to Heinonen, it is considered a huge wealth of nature.

Vellamo mineral water is naturally pure water from the only mineral water source in Finland, Heinola’s Viikinäinen, where 10,000-year-old meltwater from the Ice Age has been stored. It is exceptionally clean but also very rich in minerals. The amount of electrolytes in Vellamo mineral water is so high that it can be compared to sports and hydration drinks. In addition, Vellamo mineral water has an exceptionally high pH value of 8.3. The secret to Vellamo’s rich taste also lies in these characteristics.

“Vellamo waters come directly from Finnish nature; nothing is removed from them, and nothing is added to them before or after bottling.” Heinonen adds.

A beautifully designed quality product

You may remember hearing about the Finnish water brand, which has been featured in F1 VIP facilities at the Super Bowl and has been awarded several design awards. Yes, it was specifically Vellamo natural mineral water, which you can now get from Suppilog. Not only does the product itself arouse interest and admiration, but Vellamo’s packaging is also finished with a skillful design. The packaging is a classically beautiful glass bottle partly made of recycled glass that celebrates water and nature and is especially suitable for premium-level events.

“We know that people want to use our bottles again even after the water runs out,” Heinonen laughs. This also tells about the admiration aroused by the design.

Design awards earned by Vellamo:

German Design Award 2020 Excellent Communications Design Packaging Winner

Red Dot Communication Design 2019 Brands & Communication Design Award Winner

Fine Water Society International Design Awards 2019 Glass Design: Gold Award

Innobev Awards 2019 Best Glass: Gold Award

Pentawards Best Packaging Design Awards 2018 Best Packaging Design, beverage: Silver Award

Vellamo natural mineral waters are available at Suppilog!

Although Vellamo is a great attraction abroad, it has its place at home as well. It could also be considered a special feature of Finnish nature that delights tourists and travelers. Through Suppilog, Vellamo has become more easily available to Finnish buyers. Hotels, restaurants, and catering companies especially value Vellamo’s finished product, whose price is reasonable considering its profile. Naturally, more and more consumers and athletes are also interested in Vellamo. Through Suppilog, Vellamo is closer to these end users in Finland as well.

“For us, working logistics is a big deal in a partnership. In Suppilog’s operating model, I was especially interested in the consolidated delivery model, which makes our products easily accessible to new customers,” Heinonen says.

Heinonen sees the cooperation between Suppilog and Vellamo as having started well but states that the cooperation is only in its beginning. “We have already found new customers through Suppilog, but of course, we hope that more and more people will find us in Finland as well!”

We Finns don’t always understand how to appreciate our rich nature, the uniqueness of which Vellamo is a perfect example. I hope what you read aroused your interest in genuine, pure, natural products.

Try Vellamo, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about! You can, of course, find the products at Suppilog.

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