BlogsKeppo Bryggeri is the ultimate organic craft brewery from Ostrabothnia

Keppo Bryggeri is the ultimate organic craft brewery from Ostrabothnia

For centuries the Keppo Mansion has been characterized by minor schale industrial activities. Nowadays in a old horse stable you find Keppo Bryggeri, also the area is used for KWH Groups representative purposes. Nadja Myllyviita is head of marketing & sales, she`s familiar with the beer scene nationally. Today she visited Suppilog logisticsterminal and told us how they brew beer in Ostrobothnia.

Keppo Bryggeri is founded 2016 in Jepua. Owners Calle Höglund, Björn Höglund & Caj Fors-Klingenberg wanted the beer coulture to change into more enjoyment of the beer & memorable experienses.

By using pure organic materials they want to produce a balanced, tasty & easy to approach organic beers that fits perfectly to sauna or the dinner table. Sales channels are retail, specially k-kauppa & S-group KPO & Eepee. Also quality restaurants & bars. You can do orders directly from the brewery, but they also use Suppilog.

Most popular product is Kuddnäs Premium Lager 4,6%, gluten-free caramelisedmalt lager.

Our world known Porter 6,7% is made of lageryeast and have deep roastedmalt flavours. 2021 in Frankfurt International Trophy this beer got Grand Gold 99/100 points.

The future for Keppo Bryggeri is to plan & produce a low alcohol beer, also we have room for more brewing equipments so we could produce more beer. Now we brew about 50 000L a year. Someday they hope to achieve to be the best organic beer brewery in Finland. They invite you to visit them this summer at the brewery on your brewery tour around Finland.

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