BlogsLittle Italy Festival -products available on Suppilog!

Little Italy Festival -products available on Suppilog!

Little Italy organized an Italian food festival in cooperation with Suppilog on June 23-25. The first day started with a special event for people in the food industry, and Little Italy’s vendors presented their products to them. There were many kinds of products on display, such as pasta, olive oil, gelato, chocolate, cheese and wine among many other products.

All Little Italy products can be ordered from Suppilog!

Molino Sapignoli sells various kinds of flour. They have special flour for making different kinds of bread, pizza dough and fresh pasta. Molino Sapignoli also has a breakfast line with different kinds of cerial.

Maiora sells ready made food portions of fresh ingredients. The food is made in small batches by real chefs, and there are many different kinds of pasta, risotto, chicken and veggies in the selection. The food is healthy and easy to digest, which they have made sure by excluding for instance onion and garlic from their food. The portions are shipped to Finland frozen.

Cellaio produces three different kinds of high quality olive oil. Cellaio has won many olive oil awards in Japan and is a respected brand worldwide.

Frittoking produces different kinds of deep fried foods. Their number one product is suppli, a deep fried rice ball with tomato sauce and mozzarella. In addition to that, they also have deep fried fish and vegetables. Frittoking’s products are sold in Italy, Dubai, Australia and Japan, and they are expanding to many new markets quickly. Their products are sold in both grocery stores and restaurants, and would work great also in bars as a snack to eat while drinking beer!

TartufLanghe is a company specialized in truffle. They have many products in line, such as truffle flavored potato chips, biscuits and nuts, as well as more special products such as truffle powder and olive oil spheres infused with truffle.

Cooperativa Agricola Firenzuola sells ready made meat products and fresh pasta. The meat sauces are sold in glass jars and are ready to eat as they are. They work great with pasta!

L’abc del gusto sells real parmigiano reggiano cheese, which elevates the flavor of any risotto, pasta or even omelette immediately!

There was also a wine tasting on Friday, where restaurant professionals could try a wide range of Italian wines. The tasting was very appreciated among the participants and many Italian restaurants got the chance to find new interesting wines to add to their menu. The wines can also be ordered from Suppilog.

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