BlogsPolykegs from Brewery Ninjas to supercharge your business

Polykegs from Brewery Ninjas to supercharge your business

Ninja Brewery, from the great town of Ylöjärvi, first started off as a craft brewery and then also an importer of the top quality beers – and now their mission is to “supply all the breweries out there with the best keykegs, beer cans n’ lidsm brewery yeasts and beer malts available”. So a total craft beer specialist powerhouse!

The keykeg’s are imported from Italy and the malts from all over the globalized world. The logistics and ordering channel and all the processess that go along with it are running on Suppilog’s marketplaces services and their 3PL logistics partner’s Colligx’s logistics all over Finland. “To us to operate with solid business partners is crucial and almost mandatory – it enables us to scale with volumes efficiently” Jay the Head of Operations and Sales thinks out loud.

“I tell all the breweries and restaurants in Finland and abroad to use Suppilog for alcohol trading because it just makes so much sense and lowers the costs for all the parties; delivery costs, trading costs, sales costs, invoicing costs and IT costs – massive cost savings for the brewery and efficiences. A no brainer, really, and I wonder why isn’t everybody utilizing it already.”

The TOP5 advantages of using Suppilog and their ecosystem as a business partner:

1) Basically our own wholesale e-com store (no need to create and operate it ourselves)

2) The logistics altogether connected with the e-com, frozen, ambient, chilled storaging and deliveries.

3) It’s fairly easy to B2B buyers to register / log-in and to make the orders – without any hassles.

4) Suppilog is already attracting thousands of buyers and sellers directly from our market – so this networking effect is a huge-huge bonus!

5) The clear environment benefits: it’s way more efficient and Co2-friendly to handle the consolidated deliveries of 10 brewery’s on a single truck instead of 10 separate deliveries.

If you are a alcohol retailer or a restaurant – check Brewery Ninja’s beer selections, if you’re a brewery check the current product portfolio for brewing. All products orderable 24/7/265 from

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