BlogsRudy’s Kombucha – the world’s best Kombucha now from Suppilog!

Rudy’s Kombucha – the world’s best Kombucha now from Suppilog!


Aurabica is one of the newest Suppilog sales companies. It imports tasty Rudy’s Kombucha, which has received high awards in Finland. Unlike others, Rudy’s Kombucha does not have a pungent or vinegary taste and contains no added sugar, preservatives, or colorings. Its delicious taste consists of purely natural ingredients. We asked Miro Aura, the founder of Aurabica, more about Kombucha and, of course, about the feelings of the entrepreneur regarding the market position of Suppilog. Read what your customers will be talking about this coming summer!

Clean, healthy, and tasty

Rudy’s Kombucha is made purely from fruit purees and cold-pressed juices. Currently, you can order four different flavors from Suppilog: passion fruit-mango, coconut-pineapple, pineapple-peach, and mandarin-yuzu. These non-alcoholic drinks are a great substitute for sodas when customers crave something fruity and healthy. Aura reveals that alcoholic (5%) kombucha will also be available in Finland later this year. This alcoholic Kombucha from Rudy’s Kombucha has just won the award for the best alcoholic Kombucha in the world! 

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What is Rudy’s Kombucha? 

  • Made from fruit purees and cold-pressed juices. 
  • No added sugar, preservatives, or colorings.
  • Unpasteurized
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Less than 20 kcal / 100ml

+From every can sold, a donation to dog pounds and clinics!

Rudy’s Kombucha is named after its founders Egor and Daria’s dog Rudy. As animal lovers, the founders want to donate every Kombucha sold to charity to dog pounds and clinics. According to their philosophy, even a small donation can make a big difference. 

So how did it all start? Aura says that even before starting the business, Egor’s and Daria’s friends and loved ones were delighted by their homemade Kombucha. Quickly, more and more people wanted to buy their home-brewed Kombucha. This gave rise to the idea of founding a company that would produce healthy and clean drinks for all over the world. They established a brewery in Latvia in 2019, i.e., just before the Corona pandemic. Despite the pandemic, the young company managed to gain great popularity as soon as events appeared again and commerce recovered. Rudy’s Kombucha is very popular, especially in the Baltic countries, and even the airline AirBaltic has included Rudy’s products in its selection. The popularity seems to be only growing, and the products have earned a number of awards in various competitions.


World Kombucha Awards 2023,
Hard Kombucha: Gold Award

Gulfood Innovation Awards 2022,

Specialty Coffee Association Milan 2022,
Best new product

SIAL Innovation Paris 2022,

Aurora International 2022,
Taste Challenge: Silver Award

Good products in close cooperation with manufacturers

Aurabica works closely with manufacturers, and Aura says that he is in contact with Egor and Daria on a weekly basis. According to Aura, it is clear to them that the products and selection are developed together by listening to merchants and consumers.

“We share both good and bad things, honestly. We believe that it is the way to develop the product and nurture quality,” Aura emphasizes.

Aura says that customers have received Rudy’s Kombucha well. Rudy’s Kombucha works best in restaurants and stores where people appreciate clean and healthy products. According to Aura, as a brewing product, Kombucha is also a good alternative to beer, cider, or long drinks. Alcohol-free Kombucha, on the other hand, challenges traditional sugary soft drinks and mineral waters. 

Rudy’s Kombucha is available all over Finland

Now, you can easily get Rudy’s Kombucha from Suppilog. Aurabica found its way to the Suppilog marketplace through our group cooperation. Colligx implements Aurabica’s warehousing and logistics, which work seamlessly together with Suppilog. Aura is aware that he is only at the beginning of the operation but is happy to find good partners. According to Aura, the role of Suppilog will be emphasized in nationwide sales because it takes more than one to conquer a country. 

“Suppilog will play a bigger role in the future because, as a sole proprietor, I can’t be everywhere at once. Suppilog makes it possible for buyers all over Finland to find Aurabica and Rudy’s Kombucha,” Aura states.

Aura says that their customers especially appreciate their flexibility and good relations with both producers and buyers. It is a matter of honor for Aurabica to keep merchants and restaurateurs satisfied. According to him, the minimum order quantities are also kept small so that everyone has the opportunity to try out Rudy’s Kombucha for their own customers without a large initial investment.

“Our first Suppilog order came from Oulu, which is really cool. I was at home and received a notification that someone had ordered our product from Oulu. I was like, wow, really cool!” Aura rejoices.

Try it, fall in love with it, and offer this great thing to your customers

Now is the time to delight your customers with a brand-new, tasty, and pure Kombucha. Is this going to be your operation’s hit product for the summer of 2024?

You can also ask Miro Aura directly for more information about the products by emailing or by sending a private message to Suppilog.

Order your favorites for resale in your restaurant or supermarket now from Suppilog!


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