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Software update and maintenance break 8.10

Software Update and Maintenance Break on 8th October.

This coming Sunday (8th October), a software update will be carried out for the Suppilog marketplace. During this time, Suppilog will not be available for both sellers and buyers. The update is expected to last approximately one day. We kindly ask our customers to prepare for this outage by making the necessary orders before Sunday.

On Monday morning, we will be up and running with refreshed software. With the update, all core processes and technology of Suppilog will be upgraded. Moreover, minor changes to the user interface will be made. The user interface’s development will continue even after this update, and new features will be added in the future.

Please note these dates:

By 7.10 – make all necessary orders for this week. 8.10 – Full-day maintenance break on Suppilog. 9.10 – Suppilog marketplace will be back, even more efficient than before! Explore the updated marketplace. We aim to implement the update as swiftly as possible. However, should we encounter any issues or need to make changes to the aforementioned plan, we will notify through our social media channels. So, please follow Suppilog on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Suppilog Continues to Evolve to Meet Future Demands.

For over 10 years, Suppilog has been Finland’s leading B2B trading platform and marketplace. With the new software update, we aim to better address both the future and the increasing demands of the marketplace.

Suppilog’s GMV (gross merchandise value) – the value of goods sold through e-commerce platforms – has grown every operational year for more than a decade. We hope this trend continues into the future.

P.S. Over the next six months, we will be announcing new major seller partnerships on the Suppilog platform and on social media – so stay tuned!

Contact details as usual to reach us are 020 7345630 and info @

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