BlogsSuppilog has moved from Pakkala to Koivuhaka

Suppilog has moved from Pakkala to Koivuhaka

Eventhough we’re creating a fully digitalized wholesale ecosystem which is as automated as possible – we still need a physical office to develop this journey.

Our ex Pakkalankuja 6’s office served us marvellously and was very familiar with many of the seller companies and partners we’ve started and continued our partnerships with. When thinking back we’ve listened, planned, operated and evaluated hundreds and hundreds of different wholesale sales, logistics, marketing, software, automatisation, invoicing an PR cases with all the different seller companies that we’ve helped with our platform to operate more efficiently.

One of the reasons for the change of scenery was to be more close to the operative logistics functions that is operated by Collico. Now downstairs contains all temperature warehousing and terminal operations. For example all the tax free alcohols that Suppilog has in the consolidated logistics model are stored in the tightly marked area downstairs.

A new or an old seller company can now visit us and at the same time take a tour in the logistics space, that’s also the logistics center for example to online grocery Kauppahalli24 and RuokaBoksi. The deliveries are going everyday to all the parts in Finland and to B2B and B2C recipients.

We always keep our doors open (in the office hours) for new interesting business scenarios, dilemmas and co-partnership opportunities within’ the digitalising wholesale and logistics. If you want to book a set up appointment you can send a message to or give us a call for the heads up. We’re ready to help you ans your organisation.

Best christmas regards, Team Suppilog

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