BlogsSuppilog marketplace 10 years – the next 10 years future development will get speed from company stakeholders

Suppilog marketplace 10 years – the next 10 years future development will get speed from company stakeholders

Hello, in the beginning I’m sharing you some current statistics of Suppilog’s B2B matketplace’s history:

27.02.2012 18.35 the first sales order made from Suppilog by a pharmacy 05.03.2012 17.01 the first sales order made by a sales representative to a customer (a pharmacy) – to this day 09.05.2022 13.20 order, of which running number is 117 175.

Now today afternoon when I watch GMV orders from Suppilog platforms admin view I can notice following observations:

  • today on monday 9.5 there’s been orders from 7.26AM to 13.20PM altogether 43 sales orders
  • 22 of these has been for retailers
  • 11 of these has been for restaurants
  • 2 of these has been for ALKO
  • 1 of these has been for a gym
  • 6 of these has been for a pharmacies
  • and a one order for a webshop

Of all these orders 18 has veen set up by the buyers themselves from the platform and 25 has been set by the sales repserantatives of the seller companies.

Our unique sales platform and marketplace has been created with various of our B2B seller companies and it has been grown from a pharmacy related ‘company-to-company stock trade of goods’ humongously. Orders have been delivered since from the beginning for over 40 million euros (GMV) to pharmacy-, Horeca-, wholesale-, webshops-, Food Service- and over 20 different speciality trade sales channels.

Since from the beginning of our platform in 2012 direct trading model of ours has been utilised by over 384 seller companies and on the other side of the coin over 4000 buyer companies.

During the past decace out team has grown from an early stage boot strapped sweat equity start-up co-founder team into a much more professionalistic organization. We’ve got Suka Oy and Heino Group Ltd. as our big growth enablers with a historic long background from retail- and wholesale trade. Even though our super effective team members can be counted with approximately 10 fingers – we’ve still pushed the boundaries of modern e-commerce trade and strengthened our IT- and strategy competence. With this mixed team setup we believe to keep on succeeding among our customers with our innovative solutions and business models in the future also.

For the past few years we’ve done co-operation with the also innovative logistics, software development and marketplace companies that has been in Suka’s and Heino Groups venture portfolios already: Storeverse, Seulo Palvelut and Collico-LogExcellence. With these prtfolio companies we’ve started discussions of combining the unique strengthenesses of the portfolio companies and maximizing the market impact by consolidating the resources and ownerships.

The ambitious goal is to reach major growth, reformed and much more wider marketplace with all the accompanying services. Here’s a quote from Petri Heino that encapsulates all this:

“We have a great opportunity here to create a new unique combined service provider in the digital marketplace and logistics market. I strongly believe that our businesses’s co-aligned service portfolio has a major business- and growth potential. More close management model enables the companies to utilise their synergy and potential along with more co-ordinated development.”,

states Heino Group Oy’s CEO Petri Heino.

Have a great spring and economically strong next decade for all!

With warm regards, Harri Eskelin, the Founder of Suppilog Ltd.

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