BlogsThe end results of the customer survey!

The end results of the customer survey!

In the beginning of June we conducted a customer survey, in order to get as much feedback as possible on the current platform as well as hear what kind of updates our customers are wishing for. This is part 4/4 of the blog series, where we look into the replies on the survey.

There are many sales platforms online nowadays, but according to our customer survey Supilog has found its place among them and is filling many needs of our customers. For many buyer companies, it is for instance important to combine orders from many different sellers into one order, because it makes the transportation costs go down so much. For many seller companies, it is a great help that Suppilog can handle both transportation, invoicing as well as selling the products, which all leads to keeping the costs down.

We asked both buyers and sellers which service they would use in case Suppilog wouldn’t exist. We were happy to hear that Suppilog was an important platform to many of our customers, and there were not really any direct competition to our service. If Suppilog wouldn’t exist, many sellers would only sell via their own site, and many buyers would have to buy directly from the companies, which would force up the transport costs as well as being more time consuming than being able to buy from just one place.

In addition to the technical features that our customers wished for, many buyer companies are also hoping that we will make the product selection on Suppilog even larger, This is something we are constantly working on, and new products are launching on Suppilog all the time. We hope to make the selection as broad as possible, so our buyers can find all kinds of interesting products to buy on our platform!

Thanks for all the feedback we have received! Now we are working hard to develop the newest version of Suppilog to make your user experience better than ever!

Team Suppilog

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