BlogsThe tax free alcohol warehousing is transferred from Kerava to Vantaa

The tax free alcohol warehousing is transferred from Kerava to Vantaa

This decade is launching with very positive news when our key logistics partner’s operations are moved from Tuko Logistics’s old warehouse premises to a new facilities in Koivuhaka. A change is always an opportunity. This time it means that we can concentrate our tax free and normal alcohol warehousing into a one efficient and modern location. From here all the customers who have the valid alcohol retailing or buying permits from Valvira can order their desired alcohol products from tens and tens of producers and importers using Suppilog’s platform.

For seller companies that are brewing, importing or distributing food, organic, drinks, alcohol or any physical products and are searching for a modern omnichannel logistics provider Collico should be in top of your list. One of the key features that they possess is warehousing and nationwide/global deliveries of FMCG’s in all different warehousing temperatures. So if you happen to be in frozen seafood, ambient wine and chilled cheese cake business’s Collico might very well be your next logistics partner.

One strategic key benefits from Collico’s side is also serving all the different: B2B, B2C, D2C, C2C – (you name it!) sales & therefore logistics strategies the seller companies are practising. For example some of the seller companies that use Collico are only interested of B2C customers but might soon be expanding their products to B2B or vice versa. In the past there’s not been much of logistics providers who’ve been good at doing picking and delivering pallets to the wholesalers, wholesale units to restaurants and individually picked consumer products to B2C parcel deliveries.

This all combined with a strong focus to consolidate all the deliveries to reap the benefits of shared delivery costs that Suppilog’s logistics been all about for the past few years offers a very interesting option to the old-fashioned 3PL logistics providers.

If you want to hear more of Suppilog’s and Collico’s logistics models feel free to be in contact to us – and let’s start building up a profitable business scenario for your operations.

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