BlogsThe wholesale of Finnish respirators organized efficiently with Suppilog

The wholesale of Finnish respirators organized efficiently with Suppilog

“People don’t go diving either with a leaking mask,” says Kimmo Korpijaakko, product manager at JedX, a company that manufactures Finnish respirators.

There are still many non-certified products of varying quality in the mask market. Finns are used to the fact that everything that is for sale and marked as approved is what is promised in the package. Unfortunately, this is not the case with respirators.

Today, a lot of debate is sparked by the coronavirus delta variant about infection rates and nursing staff resources. The recent understanding that the virus is spread primarily by air has highlighted the quality requirements for respirators. Surgical mouth-nose masks are intended to protect other people from sputum-type splashes. Their filtering capacity and tightness are not enough to fight airborne viruses – the air travels from where the resistance is the lowest. The tight-fitting FFP2 / FFP3 respirator is specifically designed to filter airborne particles: both filtration capacity and tightness have been tested for leaks. They also protect against liquid splashes from both the user and other people. Used in accordance with the instructions for use, the user is indeed protected.

JedX respirators made in Finland are respirators made of high-quality materials that pass all medical tests. These FFP2 and FFP3-certified respirators fit tightly on your face, eliminating leaks and filtering air as you inhale and exhale. In Finnish hospitals, in those units where FFP2-certified respirators have been used, none of the staff has been infected by coronavirus.

Thanks to the Suppilog platform, JedX respirators have been successfully sold to a large number of pharmacies and grocery stores. JedX started using Suppilog last December, and both parties have been very happy with the sales. Order domestic, top-quality JedX respirators today too!

JedX respirators in Suppilog

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