BlogsTired Uncle is back in Suppilog!

Tired Uncle is back in Suppilog!

Tired Uncle Brewingin has returned to Suppilog with a bigger and stronger production. Last summer our beers were sold before reaching the Suppilog stockpile. We were still back then using the old and smaller brewing equipment from Radbrew.

We invested in new equipment and bought bigger fermenters and because of this we havehad the chance to double our production since February. It’s much easier to control the production and especially make even quality beer with the new equipment.

Now with the bigger production we have also had a chance to hire new staff. Luca Coelho continues as the Brewmaster and in February Jesper Bäckström started as a full time employee at the brewery. He does everything from brewing to canning. He was also the first person ever to be officially hired at Tired Uncle Brewing.

When we realized that the production is going on full speed we had to hire someone to take care of the sales and marketing. That’s when we hired Julia Pesola in September to be a part of the Tired Uncle family.

In the future Tired Uncle Brewing will deliver new and interesting beers but still keep the delicious flag ship beers available. Above all, we will hold on to the quality we promise our customers!

If you’re a grocery shops drink category buyer or a restaurant buyer – log in and take a look of our product portfolio along with the price info and make your first or replenishment order from here!

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