BlogsWhat do the buyers really want?

What do the buyers really want?

We constructed a massive survey to the sellers and buyers in our platform in the beginning of the summer. We wanted to know more and be quite frank and direct. A lot of time and energy was put in to the every question and to the answers setup. A common pitfall we tried to avoid was to get boring questions and mediocre answers. Seemingly we did ok because atleast we were satisfied with the results.

One of the questions got a surprisingly clear answer. A question, that has been asked as long as humankind has done anykind of trading or swapping. What do the customer really want?

As you can see from the picture – the professional customers, are not that interested of paying methods, mobile apps or gimmicks, logistics or integration projects.

They’re interested of broader selection of products.

So, if you’re into getting inside to the desires of the customers and satisfying their basic needs… Stop procrastinating. Focus in to creating, offering, importing, facilitating or innovating more and better products.

(Sorry the picture’s texts are in finnish, but you’ll get the picture!)

That’s what the customers are craving and expecting for you to do.

Would this be a clear goal for the next year?

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