BlogsWhy companies don’t automatise their business functions?

Why companies don’t automatise their business functions?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. there was a company who was devastated about how the new competitors were doing so much better than they were. They had more sales, reached more and more market share, had happier and more motivated people – despite having less personnel – and even the customers and media thought they were the new Beatles in the business world.

This was a fresh company (without the legacy dead weight) that was created with a modern day business ideology from the get go. They utilised modern technologies and ways of thinking, which surely were a bit different from the lightbulb technology their entrepreneur 1.0 grandfather bought in the 1930’s.

One of the key modern business ideologies is to automatize and outsource everything possible. Up to an extent it makes a lot of sense. Otherwise it wouldn’t be such a popular methodology now a days. By having strong partners that are specialized in their craft, an importing company is able to focus on importing and distribution (or innovation and marketing as Peter Drucker famously simplified). But why don’t then all companies operate according to this modern ideology?

Maybe the most important factor is the culture, ambition and goals set by the company owners and leaders. If the ambition level is to do the same things as grandma did when she was making porridge to the first born under the only lightbulb grandpa acquired, then you don’t get far. The first critical step is to set the ambition level to reaching new things with a modern approach. After that one can begin to look at operative issues and opportunities. If you’re experiencing problems with non-automatized business processes, inefficient logistics (be it in the warehousing or in deliveries), or catastrophic IT-infrastructure spaghetti (ERP-WMS-FINA-PIM-CRM-CDP-HR-Golli-Fb-Hotjar-website-webshop-order channel-TMS -bolognese) then Suppilog can probably help.

As a business owner or leader don’t look at the spaghetti all day. Let’s have a serious conversation that could Suppilog help in your transformation to a company newly born in 2020’s.

ps. “—based on the study 47% of current jobs are automatable over the next decade, with 35% of these jobs being fully automatable.”

With the best Q1 regards, Marko Jäppinen & Team Suppilog

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