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A platform for sellers

Our platform is used business owners, restaurant managers, FMCG category buyers, pharmacy buyers, entrepreneurs, office managers etc in over 25 sales channels.

Shorter value chain

Up-to-date product information, special offers, and campaigns are just one click away, providing a seamless and convenient experience for our users.

New and more profitable customers

Expand your distribution to new sales channels and customers. Optimise your current customers to more profitable.


Effective professional marketing communication channel to sales channel, chain or individual customer on the platform.

Distribution network management

Manage, evaluate and direct near all of your processes for more successful distribution.

Consolidated logistics

Multi-seller orders into a one consolidated delivery to reduce shipping costs and minimize environmental impact.


By automating your distribution and supply-chain processes you're automatically making the whole business more modern, effective and fun.

This is how Suppilog helps your business

As a seller company, with our platform you can consolidate warehousing and deliver, become more efficient and use customer-specific pricing.

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Sellers using Suppilog have various logistics options:
Suppilog’s 3PL models with various different logistical partners that enable consolidated deliveries, direct delivery from sellers, wholesaler models and modifying your current logistical model to the platform era. Unique business targets often need comprehensive service models – and we’ll believe we got your service needs covered.

The updated logistical strategies are usually pretty  complex agenda and we encourage to ask for consultancy among these subjects any time suitable for your business needs.

This topic is even more complex question than the previous one with the logistical strategies – but shortly put: by using Suppilog platform and it’s vast ecosystem you’ll probably are going to get the best bang for your buck marketing wise. On what else method can you reach thousands of B2B buyers without a full flexed field sales team and an over half a million sales channel marketing budget?

The seller company being a SME or an Enterprise we’ll confidently believe we have all the needed and suitable strategies and tactics for sales channel marketing, digital marketing, remote sales, networking effect, CRM, CDP, marketplace marketing and the optimisation for traditional outsourced field based sales teams all covered.

But again, let’s go these through in a more marketing oriented and private forum. And keep in mind that our discussions are always handled with integrity and if needed with strict NDA’s.

Tens of percents or a few percents. The starting point, volumes and currently established processes are the resulting factor here. If everything in the supply-chain is super modernised, optimised and the volumes are humongous we might have to iterate our service proposal with more care, but we still believe we can add real value.

Suppilog is offering a consolidated sales invoicing service to all seller companies so we can provide buyers with just a one multi-seller invoice of their orders after a session.

If for some reason a seller doesn’t want an automated sales invoicing offered by Suppilog they can utilise their own invoicing method.

Loved by our customers

But don’t just take our word for it.

Mr. Ari Koivula

Mad Croc Ltd.

"To my businesses's it's always been crucial to have all the sales channels open and super important online & offline trade marketing solutions to choose from in the Finnish and international markets - and to me these solutions from Suppilog's platform are by far the most beneficial for my international expansion and success's.”

Jouni Tuominen

K-Supermarket Kamppi

"A great and beneficial service for our retail unit to stay competitive within' keeping the most modern and timely product selection all season around"

Kristiina Hagelberg

Reckitt & Benckiser

Suppilog is a practical and fast solution to get orders in and marketing materials forward to the customers. In the software we can also browse reports and statistics many months afterwards. Suppilog is an effective, easy to use and versatile software to field sales work.

Mikael Utriainen

We have chosen Suppilog to enhance our wholesaling processes to enable more efficiency and accuracy - along with getting more value to the whole value chain! By making wholesaling processes more simple and effective we're basically making our, our customers and our partners business more effective and systematized.

Antti Reen

Fresh Stop -coffee chain owner

"This wholesale platform has been a game-changer for my business. The extensive product catalog and user-friendly interface make it incredibly easy to find and order what I need and run my multi location Horeca business.”

Svetozar Drenski

ISIS Pharma

"I've been using this wholesale platform for many years, and it's been a fantastic for my distribution and professional retail marketing in Finland - I sincerely hope all the sellers that are in the Finnish market or planning a market-entry to the Nordics registering up to this service.”

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